Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is maintaining practices like cleaning and examination of your gums and teeth regularly. It is important that you do this things in order to achieve and keep a good oral health. Oral health is also reflective of your overall health.

Most dental problems start painless, visiting your dentist at least once a year to take an exam will benefit you by detecting any problem right away and taking care of it before it becomes a more serious problem. Different practices are taken with every patient due to their personal health, but the goal is always achieving a healthy smile.

Habit # 1

Brush daily with fluoride paste at least twice a day, or with every meal, and don’t forget your tongue.

Habit # 3

 Floss daily to clean the tight spaces between the teeth.


Habit # 4

Eat a balanced diet limit the sugar intake to avoid creating bacteria and include calcium to prevent developing a gum disease.

Habit # 5

Take oral cancer screenings to detect any possible signs of cancer at an early stage.

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