What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit with us you can be sure we will welcome you with a smile. We have certain procedures to ensure we know exactly what you need, this may include:

  • Review of your complete dental and medical history form
  • Review of your dental x-rays and/or taking new x-rays
  • Oral and soft tissue exam
  • Cancer screening
  • Occlusion and bite check

Our warranties include:

  • Different product sizes
  • Written warranties
  • Follow ups and maintenance instructions

Healt Insurance:

We will assist you in determining what portion of your treatment is covered by insurance. Please bring your insurance card or papers on the first visit.


Alamo dental:

is a clinic that opens for all your family members. The youngest and the eldest will have an orthodontist at their disposal whose mission will be to make you proud of your smile again.


Commited to get your best smile

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1866 973 7360 Toll Free


Alamo Alley # 167 Los Algodones B.C. Mexico