“Having been a dentist and in dental practice for over 35 years, I have seen “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” when it comes to dentistry from many different countries. The quality of dental work by the dentists in this clinic, the Alamo Dental Clinic, is totally beyond “The Good” I highly recommend the dentists, technicians and staff that serve the public in this clinic. They are very courteous and caring and have compassion for their patients.”

E.T. Wiggins

DDS ret

“I’ve been coming to the Alamo Clinic for 3 or 4 years now. I really enjoy coming here, the doctors and dentists are very professional; They keep a clean office and I have had no problem with them at all. I certainly appreciate the fact that they are members of the American Dental Association. So they have extensive training in the dental work they do. I have a lot of confidence in my doctor, Dr. Lopez, so I come to him for all of my dental needs.”

Allen Henderson

Phoenix AZ

“My husband and I have been putting off our dental work for many years, ever since discovering the exorbitant cost for our dental procedures here in Canada. We were therefore delighted to learn from our friends just how inexpensive our dental work could be at Alamo Dental in Los Algodones, Mx. I personally required several root canals and crowns and my husband needed dental implants and extractions. Our savings were well over $25.000.00 when compared to prices here in Canada!

Thanks Angel and Oscar for personally managing our various dental services and making us feel at ease during the proccess. Thanks too, for the professional care we received from Dr. Molina, and his effecient assistant Edgar. You’ve greatly improved our quaility of life…and our bank account!”

Kate & Dan Whitney

Summerland, BC

“We have brought all of our friends and relatives here from all over the United States. I’ve had implants, root canals, canals and cleanings… We’ve been coming for quite some time now. Not only are they great dentists, they have become good friends.”

Dora Olsen

Yuma AZ

“This was the best dental experience I’ve had! Dr. Tomas is so gentle and happy in his work. He gave me two partials that made it possible for me to eat corn chips and salsa again. Unfortunately, I may never need dental work again. I know however, that I will see him again in the future.”

Joel & Susie P

Nampa ID