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Are Mexican Dentist as gentle as American Dentist?
Absolutely. Dental phobia often causes people to avoid seeing their dentist. An estimated one half of the population of the U.S. forego regular check – ups, and only see a dentist when a tooth aches. An estimated 9-15% of all Americans avoid needed care because of anxiety and fear. This translates to some 30 – 40 million people afraid to go to a dentist in the U.S. In Algodones dentistry is pain free even “the needle.” No one on our post appointment e-evaluation form has ever complained to MexAdvantage about pain during a procedure.
Is it easey to drive to the U.S. / Los Algodones border?
Yes, very.
But isn't true all over Mexico?
Yes it is, but what makes Algodones special; is the “easy entrance & exit” factor. Algodones evolved all by itself into, what might be, the world’s most patient friendly dental destination. On the U.S. side The Quechan Indian Nation bumps up against the Mexican border. You drive on Indian land for two miles to reach Algodones. On the Mexican side you have a town growing out growing itself because of a huge demand for first-rate dental services at reasonable prices. The Quechan Nation saw a good thing, and built an extremely large parking lot next to the border (US side) to accommodate the flood of tourist that choose to park their cars and walk across the border. The parking lot ($5. per car per day) is paved, well lit, and secure. You can safely walk to our denat clinic in minutes from the parking lot. Overnight parking is $20
Are Mexican dentist well trained?
Mexico takes pride in its Dental Colleges; all dentists represented on this site meet high standards in professionalism and academic training, plus continuing education (which is often in the United States,). autoclave sterilization and sanitation procedures that meet western standards
Do Mexican dentist have up to date equipment?
Yes, just like the U.S. in fact, the Alamo clinic boasts state of the art equipment.
Do they speak English?
Yes. English and Spanish are spoken at Alamo Dental Clinic.
Why is dental work less expensive in Mexico?
Dental offices are usually less elaborate than U.S counterparts and real estate is less expensive. Office help and dental assistants are much less expensive so over head is less than what dentists in the U.S. abd Canada experience
Can I pay the dentist with a check?
Most dentists prefer cash or travelers checks at least until they know you well. If you will be making multiple visits dealing with dental prosthetics, generally 50% of the estimated total cost is required at the end of the first visit.
Can I use my credit card?
We prefer cash or travelers cheque due to fees the credit card companies charge, however we will except Visa or Mastercard in some cases
How long does it take to drive to Los Algodones from Yuma?
Ten to Fifteen minutes
Is it easy to drive out of Los Algodones?
Often there are long line ups of border crossing traffic builds up when crossing time is lengthy in the neighboring town of San Luis. We recommend parking and walking across.
Does my American/Canadian car insurance protect me in Mexico?
No. You need insurance purchased from a Mexican company.
I have a great fear of dentist, Can i be put to sleep?
Yes. But Mexican law requires that an anesthesiologist (M.D.) do it and that is an added cost to your dental procedure. Of course it is an added cost in the United States too. Some dentists recommend taking 10 mg of Xanax or Vallium 30 minutes prior to the procedure, to take away anxiety.
Is there danger in going to Los Algodones Mexico?
No. Dental patients are the main economic source of income. Los Algodones is one of the most tourist-protected places in Mexico. Consequently the regular police plus “tourist police,” watch over you.
Where can i stay if visiting from out of town?
There are several hotels, motels in Yuma as well as clean reputable RV sites close to the boarder.
What documentation is needed to cross the border?
Beginning June 1, 2009 American and Canadian citizens will have to present their passport or passport card in order to enter into the U.S.A. Note: Children age 18 and under will need to present a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or a passport to enter the U.S.

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